Magnum Professional


The production of MAGNUM professional quality series uses highquality instrumental martensitic steel grades 1.4028, 1.4034 and 1.4125, characterised by extreme rigidity and corrosion resistance. The 1.4125 (440C) steel is the hardest stainless steel by AISI standard. The technological process requires precise quenching and tempering. The material is heated up to 1,060°C, and then is quenched for at least 1 hour in 150°C hot oil. The ready casts are then finished and treated with quartz sand in order to achieve the desired coating. From the raw material to the end product, the item undergoes 120 processes, most of which are manual. All elements of the ready product are closely inspected for imperfections – the structure of the material, the surface treatment, the geometry of the blades and the handles, the sharpening, the clamping of the separate details, the lubricating. At the end of the production process, the product is placed in a package and is ready for continuous and trouble-free use. The MAGNUM Professional series is designed for beauty therapists and skin, hair and nail care professionals. Very often, however, clients striving for perfect look also choose items from this series.