Magnum Feel the style


Feel the Style is a personal care product series, which is characterised by an optimal price-quality ratio. For making all metal items in this series, high-quality carbon steels such as C45 and C60 are used, created for making of cutting instruments with increased strength and rigidity. From the raw material to the end product, the item undergoes more than 100 processes, most of which are manual.The most important stages are the thermal processing of the material, the nickel-plating, polishing, sharpening and matching of the separate details. It is important to know that the inner part of the blades cannot be nickel-plated, which makes it susceptible to corrosion. Despite their protective layer of fine anti-corrosion oil, it is recommended that the nickel items should not be exposed to humidity, as they may get rusty. For professional use we recommend the MAGNUM-Professional series. The glass nail files are made of Czech crystal glass. They are elegant, hygienic and gentle to nails. During filing, the edges of the nails get “sealed”, and are thus protected from water, pollutant and bacteria. Visible results appear within a month of use. The nails become stronger and no longer chip or peel.