Magnum Natural


The Natural series includes a diverse range of tools and accessories for hair and skin care. For their making, mostly natural hypoallergenic materials are used. Guaiacwood and sandalwood are evergreen tropical trees. They are thick, and rich in resins and oils. During the Middle Ages it was a matter of social status to own them. Thanks to their hardness, durability, scent and antiseptic characteristics they are particularly suitable for making hair brushes and combs. They massage without causing static electricity, make the hair soft and supple, prevent the appearance of dandruff, stimulate blood circulation and improve the scalp- and hair-strengthening process. The bath accessories made of sisal (agave), luffa, flax or unbleached cotton remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin regeneration. Regular use helps improve blood circulation, relaxes the body, and reinforces the nervous and immunity systems. The natural sea sponges have been used since the times of the Roman Empire. After 700 million years of evolution, they have a number of advantages over their artificial analogues – they do not absorb smells, they are hypoallergenic, naturally soft, tear resistant, and can easily absorb and release large quantities of water. To prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms, dry well after use.