About us

More than a decade ago, we set ourselves the aim to create MAGNUM, a brand with a mission to
help people maintain their beauty, hygiene and self-esteem. We wanted to design products that
are effective, practical and easy to use in the busy modern life. To achieve this, we drew on ideas
from the work of seasoned engineers in the manufacturing of personal care tools and we took
advice from innovative designers. As a result, the MAGNUM products combine the best
traditional techniques used by European metal, wood and glass master craftsmen with the
latest technology. And our textile and polymer products are beautiful and amazingly diverse.
Boasting four product series - MAGNUM Professional, MAGNUM Feel the Style, MAGNUM
Natural and MAGNUM Hair Style, we aim at offering the most exciting and practical solutions for
beauty, skin, nail and hair care.
Every MAGNUM item undergoes a mandatory seven-stage control process to ensure perfect
quality. We therefore provide you with a 100% guarantee for the material and the
workmanship of our MAGNUM products.